Can an animal who possesses the essential qualities of personhood ever be considered, in the eyes of the law, a person?

Recipe for a human being activity_Feature ImageACTIVITY: 
Write a recipe for a human being! What makes us really human? Try to go beyond simply saying that we live in houses and have two legs. Talk about the really deep things that define us as humans, like knowing which medicine to take when we’re sick – and why. Or being able to choose one thing over another when both are available, and explaining our answer. Maybe even spiritual things like knowing that we don’t live forever, or that there’s a world beyond our planet. What would students say if they discovered that another animal on the planet could do all those things? Would they extend the definition of ‘person’ to them too?

Download the free ‘Recipe for a human being’ worksheet here

This worksheet and activity is part of four activities surrounding the Nonhuman Rights Project lawsuit to grant chimpanzees legal rights.

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*Australian Curriculum mapping coming soon.

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