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Download your printable Responsibility Chart and help your child keep track of their responsibilities at home and to others. DOWNLOAD PDF HERE

In order to learn responsibility, your child must first understand what it means to be a responsible person. Start by writing six responsible behaviours on a sheet of paper and ask your child to think of a few examples of each one. Some behaviours can include, ‘Being trustworthy’, ‘Not putting things off’, ‘Thinking about how your actions affect others’, or ‘Answering for your own actions’. Your child may come up with examples like ‘Cleaning my room when I say I will’, ‘Using less plastic to help the environment’, or ‘Saying sorry when I forget to put away my toys’.

Once your child has thought about a few examples of responsible behaviour, have a discussion about responsibility in the family. What are their responsibilities (other than chores), and what are your responsibilities at home as parents? Then discuss what things you can do together to take responsibility for others, such as using less water and energy to help the environment, or buying free-range eggs instead of cage eggs to help chickens.

Create a responsibility chart together, based on the things you’ve talked about, and put it up on a wall to help you and your child keep track. Read Activities and Tips to Teach Children about Responsibility at Home.

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