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One morning, Poh put on her shoes and hat to set off on her morning walk.

As she went by some bushes, Poh heard a soft rustling sound and a cluck, cluck, cluck!

She peered over the bushes and saw a chicken! The chicken looked lost and was limping. Her left foot looked hurt.

“Do you need help, little chicken?” Poh asked.

The chicken looked afraid and tried to run away, but she couldn’t get very far and fell over. Poh reached out her hand gently and stroked the chicken’s soft feathers.

“Don’t be afraid,” she said. “I won’t hurt you.”

When the chicken became calm, Poh gently picked her up in her arms and began walking back home.

When Poh got home, her father was in the kitchen preparing lunch. When he saw the chicken, he dropped the food.

“What is this!” he exclaimed.

The chicken looked up at the man and clucked softly.

“I think she’s hurt.” said Poh.

Poh’s father opened the fridge and pulled out some corn. He put some in the palm of his hand and held it out to the little chicken.

The chicken ate quickly.

“She must be very hungry.” said Poh’s father.

When the chicken finished eating she curled into Poh’s lap and began to slowly close her eyes.

“I think she’s sleepy now.” said Poh. “Can  she stay here for the night?”

Poh’s father looked at the chicken and sighed.

“Only until her leg gets better.” he said.

That night, Poh went to the garage and made a little bed of hay for her new friend. She left a dish of fresh water and some leftover vegetable scraps from dinner. Her father helped her roll out a sleeping bag so that she could keep an eye on the chicken through the night.

“Goodnight, my chicken friend.” She said, before closing her eyes.

In the morning, Poh woke up to find the chicken snuggled up next to her. Her leg looked much better, and she had eaten all the vegetable scraps! The chicken followed her into the backyard where her father was building a chicken house.

“Does this mean she can stay?” Poh asked excitedly.

Her father smiled. “You were kind to someone in need who wasn’t able to ask you for help.” he said. “If we let her stay here she will depend on you to take care of her. I know you are ready for this now.”

Poh and the chicken lived happily together and became very close friends!


Discussion points

1. Why was the chicken scared of Poh at first? What did Poh do to earn the chicken’s trust?

2. Animals can’t tell us that they are in pain, but sometimes we can look out for signs. How did Poh know the chicken needed her help?

3. What did Poh do at home to make sure the chicken was taken care of properly?

4. Animals can’t say thank you when we help them, but sometimes they show us their affection. What are some ways animals show affection to humans?


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