Erin King

Erin with her dog, Peanut

With National Dog Day this week, we can’t think of a more perfect way to celebrate than with the talented work of Melbourne-based photographer, Erin King!

You may have seen our latest cover photo of Kind Education magazine recently, featuring the gorgeous Oscar from Oscar’s Law, who was saved by his owner Debra from terrible conditions in a puppy factory.

Well that stunning shot was captured by Erin, who is not only a photographer, but a pet owner and avid animal lover who is passionate about pets!

Erin specialises in emotive pet portraits which capture the joy, love and laughter we all share with our pets.  Her professional pet photography aims to capture the special moments people share with their pets, the relationships they have developed together, as well as a developing a showcase of their pet’s quirky personality.


“My dog Peanut has been the inspiration which encouraged me to follow my passion for pet photography.  We share a very close bond – she brings so much joy, love and laughter into my life and I want to be able to capture this for other pet lovers.” – Erin

As a member of HeARTs Speak, Erin is an artist who is also using her art as a way to help animals, assisting and educating the community on the importance of animal adoptions.

She also works with a number of different dog rescue organisations, providing professional photography which helps to make a dramatic difference in the public response, re-homing and adoption of pets in desperate need of new homes.

And of course, Erin is passionate about supporting animal rights and especially the abolishment of puppy farms in Victoria, helping to raise awareness about this issue through her powerful photography.

What it’s like working with animals

It can sometimes be challenging working with animals, especially being a photographer, as I am not an animal trainer or behaviourist. But I have learnt a lot in having my own dog and am always learning things as I go.  You do need to know how to command a dog and how to get key looks and reactions from a dog.

In photographing dogs and probably any job working with animals for that matter, you need to be extremely patient.  Most who know me know I’m not really a patient person when it comes to everyday life, but when it comes to animals and photographing them I will happily take as long as the dog and I need to get the shot.

EKP_7544 (1)

Unlike people, a dog might not always respond to commands or do what you want, so you have to be really flexible to just sometimes go with the flow, photographing the dog as it feels comfortable doing what it wants to do.   Most of my clients do mention that age old quote “never work with children or animals”, but for me every day I spend working with an animal is a good day and brings me happiness.

 “I have such a love for animals which has only enhanced over the years and for me to be able to capture this through photography not only for pet owners but also as a way to help make a difference to a dog’s life is really rewarding.” – Erin

What it’s like working with Oscar in particular

Oscar is a really funny little character, who makes me laugh every time I see him.

I am always surprised by his mild mannered nature and love for people especially considering his upbringing and having known the mistreatment of being born into a puppy factory.

This is definitely thanks to Debra who has always socialised him and given him so much love and attention.  She has shown him the good in people. He is never very far from her side.


He is always fun to photograph – besides from being the cutest little dog he also has a lot of attitude.  He’s not the kind of dog to sit and stay and tilt his head looking inquisitively at the camera, he would much rather be cuddling close by mum, Debra, or running amuck on their farm.  I do love Oscar and I am in awe of the work Debra and Oscar’s Law do to help other dogs just like him.

Erin is a great example of how we can all use our gifts and talents to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Don’t miss our next issue of Kind Education magazine, with its very special theme ‘When I grow up’, where we take a look at some inspiring professionals who use their skills to make a difference in their communities and in the world.

You can contact Erin to find out more about her pet photography sessions at or 0422345854, or visit

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