Chimp1A true story: At a zoo, a sick mother chimpanzee died, leaving her baby behind as an orphan. A zoo employee took her orphan baby home, knowing that it would need special attention during the early stages of its life. The employee knew the poor baby needed attention, but they didn’t realise it would be adopted into a brand new family – of dogs!

The mother dog just had a litter of pups, so her maternal instinct was strong. As soon as she saw the baby chimp, she wanted to care for it.

And even though the chimp looked nothing like the big black dog, it cuddled up to the mother! All the orphan needed was some love and affection. The chimp even began to bond with its new litter mates!

It’s truly amazing that this adoption occurred. No matter how loving most mother animals are, the little chimp looked nothing like the rest of the pups, yet it was accepted immediately into the family.

Discussion points

  • List three different words that describe the actions of the mother dog in helping the baby chimpanzee. For example: caring
  • An orphan is someone who has been abandoned by their parents, is unable to be taken care of by their parents, or has had their parents pass away. Unfortunately, this is case for many animals in the world. What would you like to do if you found an orphaned animals?


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