five freedoms for animals

Lesson description

This lesson introduces students to the concept of animal sentience, and how it shapes animal welfare laws and practices around the world.

Students will learn about the Five Freedoms for Animals, which outline five aspects of animal welfare under human control. Formalised in 1979, the Five Freedoms have been adopted by professional groups including veterinarians and organisations like the World Organisation for Animal Health and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

In this lesson, students will collaborate to design a poster demonstrating the five freedoms they have learned about.

Australian curriculum mapping

Year levels: K–2
Subject: Science
Curriculum codes: ACSSU002 (Foundation); ACSSU211 (Year 1); ACSHE035 (Year 2)
General capabilities: Critical and creative thinking, ethical understanding
Estimated time: 60–75 minutes

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