animal rights quotes


Suggested activity

  1. Explain to students that there are four approaches to animal ethics. Students can take the quiz ‘How do you think about other animals’ here.
  2. Using a whiteboard of overhead projector, display a brief summary of the four approaches to read together as a class.
  3. Divide students into groups of six or seven and give each group one animal rights quotation.
  4. Ask each group to think about the meaning of each quotation and which ‘approach’ it would sit under.
  5. Give students time to discuss their quotations. Once completed, ask each group to share out loud and explain whether or not they agree with it and why.
  6. Ask students to share which quotations they most agree or disagree with and why.

Curriculum links (Years 9-10): ACELT1812, ACHCS085, ACHCS086, ACHCS099, ACHCS098 
General capabilities: Literacy, critical and creative thinking, ethical behaviour

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