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be kind to animals week schools

Be Kind to Animals Week invites your school to do one kind act for animals from now until 31st October 2016. The nationwide event is about inspiring and empowering students to take positive action for animals while having fun, building skills in critical thinking and ethical understanding, and learning the value of empathy, responsibility and active citizenship in our communities.

All Australian primary and secondary schools and students are invited to carry out a project and submit their entries here.

Are YOU a student who’s passionate about animal rights? You can submit your project too and inspire young people around the country. Write a poem, start a petition, paint an artwork, craft an opinion piece, film a video, record a song – whatever it takes to get your voice heard! 

Theme for 2016: Sentience

This year’s theme is Sentience. Students can choose a project that focuses on animals raised for human use—such as in food production, entertainment and animal testing.

Sentience is one of the most important concepts to understand when talking about the treatment of other animals. It refers to a living being’s ability to perceive and feel things.

An animal is sentient if it is capable of being aware of its surroundings, its relationships with others, and of sensations in its own body, including pain, hunger, heat or cold.

Students may choose a project that reflects this year’s Sentience theme. Projects can be done individually, as a school team, or as a class.

Participants are invited to upload a short video or photo of their project and may submit as many entries as they like. All entrants will receive a special certificate acknowledging their efforts.

be kind to animals week schools

How it works 


Step 1: Download your free Teacher’s Resource Kit for 2016

The Be Kind to Animals Week Teacher’s Resource Kit 2016 includes educational project ideas, lesson plans and worksheets designed to cover this year’s theme. This will prepare students with some of the skills and knowledge required to get the most out of their learning experience.

Step 2: Carry out your project

Choose a project that demonstrates kindness towards animals or raises awareness about animal issues in your school or local community. These can be done anytime from now until the end of October, during school hours or over the holidays.

Step 3: Submit your project

Submit your project online by sharing an image or video and a brief description of your project. Submissions close 31st October 2016. Entrants will receive an official Be Kind to Animals Week 2016 certificate.


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Did you know that studies show children who are kind to animals are more likely to act kindly towards their peers!

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