Join us as a leader in bringing humane education into Australian schools.

The idea of ThinkKind was born as a reaction to the extremely limited and largely one-sided body of resources available to primary school teachers introducing their students to Australian farming. With the help of like-minded activists and qualified school teachers, the ThinkKind website was launched to offer free learning materials and teaching resources for Australian teachers and parents to promote humane education.

We are a 100% volunteer-run not for profit and seek corporate sponsorship to cover our operational costs, such as printing, web hosting and distributing our material.

We offer different sponsorship packages as well as advertising on our website and social media channels. Please email to request a sponsorship proposal outlining our various packages. 

Our Mission

ThinkKind’s mission is to to create a peaceful and compassionate world through humane education. We believe that education is the key force in driving significant, long-term change in the treatment of other animals.

Animal protection has become one of the most urgent social justice issues today, with millions of animals suffering in Australia at this moment, for food production, animal testing, in the companion pet industry and in our oceans and native bushland. We strive to change Australia’s attitude towards our relationship with other animals by encouraging conversation, debate and critical thinking.

Our Approach

ThinkKind is committed to providing high quality resources on our website that link to the ACARA National Curriculum. We believe that professionalism and high standards is vital in reaching schools and teachers.

We believe in the value and importance of presenting a balanced perspective, and strive to encourage young people to make decisions for themselves based on critical thinking. Our approach as an organisation is always peaceful, respectful and solutions-driven.

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