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AS OF NOVEMBER 2016 we have a limited number of Kindness Club kits to mail to Australian students, teachers and parents who would like to start an animal rights club at school. Just fill out the form below and we’ll send it your way!

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You will receive: 

  • an 8-page Kindness Club guide with campaign ideas and skill builders (including information for parents and teachers)
  • 5 information fact sheets correlating with activities in the booklet
  • ‘5 Freedoms for Animals’ A3 poster
  • 4 round stickers


What is the Kindness Club kit? 

animal rights club

Our Kindness Club kit is designed for young activists who want to start an animal rights club in school. Starting a club is a great way for like-minded students to get together and share ideas, plan and carry out meaningful and empowering activities for social change, and spread awareness about animal rights issues in their communities.

The Kindness Club guide is an 8-page booklet that details how students can start a club in their school, and includes useful tips about forming and maintaining an advocacy group.

The five skill builders included in the booklet have been developed by experienced activists, teachers and writers to teach students various forms of effective and peaceful activism in today’s democratic environment, such as letter-writing, petitioning, creating awareness material using print and video media, and fundraising. 

The fact sheets include important information about various animal rights issues in Australia, as well as research points and discussion questions designed to encourage students to think critically about the information and conduct their own investigations.

Students can use the campaign ideas in their booklet to start their club’s first activities, or use them to develop their own ideas for their first campaigns.

Keep your eye on this page for new skill builders, information for young activists, new campaign ideas and additional resources. 

Download material for free online

ThinkKind Australia has made the Kindness Club material free to download online.

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