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Animals Australia have enlisted some passionate junior activists to tell McDonald’s to stop using cage eggs – but they need your help to make their message a powerful one, and get it on the television!

Recently the team at Animals Australia called for young kids to help them convince McDonald’s to stop using cage eggs. And the results have left us feeling inspired.

These amazing Aussie kids, some as young as 6, have put together their own videos to help deliver a powerful message to McDonald’s. Now Animals Australia have compiled an incredible video which you can watch here and are raising funds to get it on national TV – and keep it there – until McDonald’s gets the message.

“I can honestly say that in over a decade in this field, I have never encountered a piece of advocacy so beautiful and pure as this one. In their own words, these kids have crafted a message that money can’t buy.”

– Lyn White, Animals Australia

McDonald's stopped supporting the cage egg industry across the EU and the UK years ago. But Australia isn't there yet.

McDonald’s stopped supporting the cage egg industry across the EU and the UK years ago. But Australia isn’t there yet.

If these junior activists succeed in changing the practices of these giants of the fast food industry, this will not only be a significant step forward for the billions of chickens suffering in intensive egg farms, it will be showing our children how powerful their voices can be. 

Here are a few facts you need to know about McDonald’s:

  • They buy more eggs than any fast food chain in the country. Every one of these eggs was laid by a hen confined to a life in a battery cage. Internationally, McDonald’s recognises how cruel this is, which is why in the UK and Europe they stopped buying cage eggs years ago. Australia is yet to catch up.
  • At first McDonald’s didn’t think that Australians cared enough to warrant change – but then word got out, and this issue erupted on social media as thousands of people set out to prove them wrong. Cage eggs have dominated every discussion McDonald’s has tried to have with their million+ Facebook fans for 80 consecutive days. The issue has even captured the attention of national media.
  • In defending their use of cage eggs, McDonald’s has put forward a long list of excuses. But as Animals Australia stated:

“It seems in children, they know these excuses won’t wash. Despite having this video for three weeks, the fast food giant has yet to provide a response to kids appealing to them to ‘be kind to chickens.'”

So now Animals Australia need your help to get the kids’ appeal somewhere Macca’s can’t ignore … a place where their powerful message will be as public as possible: television.

You can give a one-off donation to help this video air on television. Please visit

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