Animals have needs worksheet

1. DOWNLOAD ‘ANIMALS HAVE FEELINGS’ WORKSHEET HERE. This worksheet discusses how animals have feelings and needs, including farm animals. Students learn than humans have a responsibility to meet the needs of the animals they care for. Students will use different vocabulary to complete the sentences in the passage provided..

2. DOWNLOAD ‘NEEDS OF FARMED ANIMALS’ WORKSHEET HERE. This worksheet discusses how farmed animals like pigs, chickens and cows have needs that should be met by humans. Students will read a short passage and then circle the statements that are facts.

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Science / Year 1 / Science Understanding / Biological sciences / ACSSU211

Content description: Living things live in different places where their needs should be met. Living things that live under human care, such as farm animals, should have their needs met by human carers. Students will learn that non-human animals experience similar feelings and have similar needs to humans, such as the capacity to feel hunger, fear, pain, cold and discomfort.

Humane education objective: Students will learn that all living things have needs, whether or not they live in the wild, in our homes, or in a farming facility. They will learn that all animals, including cows, pigs and chickens, deserve to be treated with kindness, respect and moral consideration, especially when they are raised for food.


  • exploring what happens when habitats change and some living things can no longer have their needs met
  • recognising the needs of animals that live in an unnatural situation, such as a farming facility.

General capabilities: Critical and creative thinking, Personal and social capability, Ethical behaviour 

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